Tips to Maximize Facebook Advertisements Effectiveness

Advertising in the world of e-commerce is highly affordable and as efficient as you want it to be. The major social media networks recognize the value of advertising services, and will provide the means an entrepreneur may use to get the message out at a highly reasonable cost. Facebook permits advertising and as a smart business owner, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

Facebook For Business enables you to set the campaign, which is more than just a shotgun approach to sending out ads. Guidance is provided to organize your marketing efforts and to allocate budget dollars carefully. One of the better services that Facebook provides is the option of targeting where your advertisements are going to go.

Take Advantage of Ad Targeting in Facebook

As a growing business you may wish to initially focus on the geographical area where your company is established. That is possible with Facebook. You may select not only the country you want targeted, but also the area and even exclude places you don’t want to bother with. Selecting an audience is a very effective way to market. For example, if your product or service is meant for senior citizens only, then your audience should not include people in the 25 – 34 age cohort. Facebook will further permit you to target by gender and interest. You will thus not be wasting scarce dollars reaching out to people who have no interest in what you are offering.

Use Your Likes

You may have spent a lot of time organically growing the number of likes on your Facebook page. Advertising is where the payoff occurs. You can boost a particular post to the likes that you have in a way that is highly cost-effective. Facebook allows you to focus on audience of those like you are page and their friends. You can determine the total budget and the duration of the campaign.

For example, let’s suppose that you have posted an announcement of a special discount. You can decide to spend a total of $30 and you want all the people who like your page as well as their friends. Additionally, you want the campaign to run for no more than one week. Facebook will send the post out and your campaign budget will be charged every time the post is clicked on. When the $30 is all spent, the campaign stops you are left with analytics to indicate how many people were ultimately reached, their respective age brackets and gender, whether the placement occurred happen on a desktop or mobile device, and what the cost was for engagement. This information will allow you to better focus future campaigns.

It bears repeating because for such an effort was under $50 for the campaign. Facebook provides a cost efficiency that is definitely worth exploring. As you learn more about Facebook’s ability to help you in advertising, you can become more sophisticated in your efforts. The analytics provided will allow you to monitor what is going on and help you with decision-making. Advertising is no longer a shot in the dark. It becomes a very clear and focused effort with the use of Facebook ads.

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Malik Mack

Malik "Mr. EntrepreNoir" Mack is a serial entrepreneur based in Harlem, NYC. Malik owns and operates a few different companies but finds purpose in helping others develop their companies from the ground up. EntrepreNoir was created to spread that help across the world.