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Title Digital Marketing Intern
Categories Internship
Salary Unpaid to Start
Location Anywhere, USA
Job Information

Looking for a Digital Marketing Intern. This internship will start out unpaid. However, during the beginning of this I will barter Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurial, and Web Development knowledge to the selected intern. I will also provide you with FREE UDEMY courses to expand your knowledge on whatever coding language, marketing channel, etc. you would like to learn.


  • Someone whom is used to always checking emails
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Above Average Research Skills
  • Great command of the english language
  • Adobe Creative Suite Experience is a major PLUS
  • Excellent Article Editing Skills
  • DESIRE to go into the field of Digital Marketing, Web Development, and/or Entrepreneurship

About The Role:

You will be exposed to the Tech, Fashion, Beauty, Financial Services, and various other industries. You will be involved in the planning and execution of interviews, photoshoots, video shoots, Sales Meetings, Planning meetings, etc. This will be a great experience!! Please send me resumes so we can chat!!

*Students Preferred but not Required*

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