5 Reasons Why Tumblr Is a Goldmine For Traffic

Businesses have everything to gain from an expansive network. Online, one of the perks of the modern internet is social media, a free-for-all platform for everyone to showcase anything. It’s difficult to imagine a time when businesses were handicapped by location; everything is connected nowadays, and anything can be sent, shipped and electronically transferred worldwide. It is good business sense to take advantage of social media, and there are platforms ideal for building a community and client base. Of these ideal platforms, Tumblr is often neglected, though, in favor of popular sites Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest. You’re actually sitting on a gold mine of traffic with a business tied to Tumblr, you just need to know how to dig.

So how does an off-kilter community like Tumblr help your business? There’s potential for massive traffic that you can funnel into your business blog. This platform is more than its quirky community of memes and gifs. Here are five reasons to convince you Tumblr means business, good business.


Re-blogging is exponential. This alone should convince you to get into Tumblr. Other social network sites have similar features: Facebook users share posts, Twitter users re-tweet. But unless the posts go viral (for unexplainable reasons), the chain of reposts is usually limited to a small sub-community.

Re-blogging is one of Tumblr’s definitive features. Even if your blog only has a handful of followers, all of your blog posts are streamed into their newsfeeds. You only need to catch the attention of an industry heavyweight, and your post will be re-blogged in exponential chains and cycles, ad infinitum. Traffic to your business blog will spike if it’s strategically tied to a Tumblr blog.

3rd Party Social Media Sites Integrations

It’s easy to establish six degrees of separation to Kevin Bacon in social media. Where everything is connected, it would be a shame for your business blog not to tap into this potential.

Gain more traction by connecting your Tumblr blog to popular social media sites. In case you’ve already built a strong foundation on Facebook and Twitter, then a Tumbler tie-up makes perfect sense. Social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit are also worth your trouble.

The Best of Both Worlds

Make no mistake, you’ll have to contend with a fast-paced community on Tumblr. It’s also a visual platform with a short attention span. You have to sustain activity to remain relevant, unlike in a formal and curated business blog.

Tumblr is a great way to spark interest in your business. It’s also a platform to engage your client base, potential and current. Every client lead you get is a gold nugget panned, especially in a saturated market.

Tumblr Explore Page

Featured blogs on the Explore page receive massive spikes in traffic. Your Tumblr blog should have a reputation and following in the community, enough for fans or friends to recommend your blog to the site admins.

Tumblr also brings in organic traffic into your business blog, sparing you from even considering click-bait and paid campaigns.

Compliments Your Business Blog

It’s true there’s plenty of weird users on Tumblr, and this also applies to all the social networking sites. Seedy users have their niches, though. Your account should be anything but weird.

Your Tumblr blog is a storefront for your business, and having a blog that reflects your company page is a serious boost of credibility, especially to untapped communities on social networking sites. Tumblr offers a wide variety of custom themes, but simple and straightforward is still effective, so long as content is consistent and relevant.

Tumblr may not be as well-rounded as Facebook or as focused as Twitter, but its many unique features offer up opportunities to untapped traffic that you can’t afford to pass up on. If your business is yet to join the community, then now is a good time to jump in and get both feet wet!


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Malik Mack

Malik "Mr. EntrepreNoir" Mack is a serial entrepreneur based in Harlem, NYC. Malik owns and operates a few different companies but finds purpose in helping others develop their companies from the ground up. EntrepreNoir was created to spread that help across the world.