4 Great Accounting Aids for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

The administrative process of accounting can be a real headache. It is very detailed and can take up a lot of time, which you may not have. An entrepreneur has so many things to do and so many decisions to make a little accounting assistance can help. This can be either a software package or downloadable SME tools. Whatever is used to help out, should do more than just watch the pennies can count the beans. Fortunately for you there is a nice selection from which to choose:


You can download this to your PC without any problem. TurboCash permits you to do invoicing, have control over your inventory, and run quite a few reports. This is a free service but does require some knowledge of accounting practices.


If you are providing direct service to customers at their home, you are always on the go and cannot easily get back to the office and use the PC. FreshBooks is considered one of the best accounting mobile apps a small business could possibly have. This is easy to download to your mobile device and has a very utilitarian dashboard. On the small screen FreshBooks permits you to handle time tracking, clients, invoices, and even project management. The company allows for a 30 day free trial and there are tutorial videos available.

Zoho Books

If you are the only employee of your company you have to wear a lot of hats. You can be considered a micro business and Zoho Books has you in mind. This online accounting software provides all the basics you will need to track expenses, manage invoices, and has a mobile device you can use for counting while on the move. Zoho Books has your budget in mind and comes at a fairly reasonable price. This service is also scalable; it has the tools necessary to help you grow in your accounting procedures.


If there is ever an 800 pound gorilla in accounting software, It has to be QuickBooks. This software package has been considered an industry standard for years and is part of the Inuit suite of business software. QuickBooks allows categorization of transactions allows invoices to be emailed directly. Payroll is always a headache for small business owner and QuickBooks allows payroll service for additional fee. There’s also an ability to manage vendors and sales tax, in addition to a number of reports.

You should keep in mind that some of these packages provide add on services for additional fees. Taking a close look at all of the options is a very good idea. You also have to take a look at what your needs are. QuickBooks appears awfully sexy, but unless you have need of all of its qualities, you may want to pass on it, at least for now. QuickBooks and FreshBooks both have a cloud base quality which you may find very attractive. As long as you are using the counting tools best suited for your business at this point in its history, you will quickly discover that accounting software and tools will make a very tedious job a piece of cake to do.

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Malik Mack

Malik "Mr. EntrepreNoir" Mack is a serial entrepreneur based in Harlem, NYC. Malik owns and operates a few different companies but finds purpose in helping others develop their companies from the ground up. EntrepreNoir was created to spread that help across the world.